On the other hand it seems that lemons decrease the ripening process of other produce, so storing them in between the other vegetables and fruits keep these fresh longer.

Hardtack and scurvy

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For centuries people are sailing the oceans of the world.How do you make sure you will have sufficient healthy food and drinking water on board?

We are happy that we will share our november sailing holiday with Fiona, Alison and Peter.

Sailing holiday Langkawi in November

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We are the only one’s on the quiet river and we stare into the dense jungle hoping to spot some wildlife. Beautiful metallic blue kingfishers are sitting on the lower branches of the trees and above our heads,

Suddenly a big manta ray jumped out of the water very close to our dinghy, to dive back in again with a tremendous noise.

swimming with manta rays

For me it had been one of the first topics on my bucket list for a long time: swimming or diving with the majestic manta rays.

BEING IN THE NOW Limitless blue... the ocean and the sky, melting together as one at the horizon.


Limitless blue… the ocean and the sky, melting together as one at the horizon. I sink into a deep meditation spontaneously. Each time when we are sailing for a long time with only the ocean surrounding us,

Sailing in Langkawi, attractive sailing ground. countless pretty bays in stunning natural surroundings.

Sailing in Langkawi

When you are sailing in Langkawi you can understand why they call these islands the ‘Jewel of Kedah’: countless little islands covered with rainforest and aligned by white beaches creating a myriad of little passages

Penang temples

Even a snake Buddhist temple with real poisonous vipers on the shrine. This temple is dedicated to a Buddhist monk who seemed to attract snakes and took care of them.