At the helm method for personal leadership

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Do you want to achieve more with less stress? You can! And we want to help you. We developed the @tH “At the helm” method for personal leadership in life and work

Francisca BoelCoach

has been a successful lawyer in employment- and privacy law for more than 25 years.

She is also very interested in the training of the human mind. According to her, “Mind fitness” is just as important as physical fitness.

Francisca has been studying Zen meditation intensively since 2004. In 2012 she was ordained Zen monk in the Zen Center Amsterdam Kanzeon.

In addition, she is a category 1 and Workplace qualified mindfulness trainer.

In 2014 Francisca took the helm. She wanted to deepen her mindfulness practice and trained 2 years full time in a Buddhist monastery in Australia.

People who have participated in her trainings describe Francisca as warm and humorous. Her trainings are experienced as practical and ‘down to earth’.

Prem Deep Boel Skipper

studied photography at the Art Academy in Amsterdam.

He was a successful photographer and has worked for the NS, ING, SONY and many other companies.

Already at a young age he showed a passion for sailing. He participated in numerous sailing trips and races.

In 2009 he changed tack. He decided to follow his sailing heart and sailed around the world with his girlfriend Mallika.

With great pleasure he organizes sailing and meditation holidays at various places in the world.

Prem Deep combines a passion for sailing with a passion for people. He likes to inspire people to get the best out of themselves. In their work and in their lives.

Prem Deep believes in depth. Whether it concerns sailing or people. He was initiated in 2009 as a monk in the Tibetan tradition.


is a thoroughbred sailing catamaran.

She sailed around the world for 7 years with her skipper Prem Deep.
No wave was too high for her.

Yemaya combines comfort with lightness and speed. This makes her loved by her skipper, crew and passengers.

Yemaya likes to welcome people on board who are adventurous. People who love sailing, hiking, snorkeling and are also interested in hoisting their “inner sails”.