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How insourcing happiness makes you more powerful

In my previous blog on outsourcing, I wrote how outsourcing happiness takes you out of your power. You make yourself dependent on external factors that you cannot predict. Let alone control. This blog is about insourcing happiness. And how insourcing happiness makes you more powerful.

What is insourcing?

Insourcing is a legal and commercial concept. It means “the internal development of goods and services that were until then outsourced to an external supplier.”

Why ” insourcing “? According to encyclo.co.uk, the goal is for a company to “build the skill set that allows the organization to build competitive advantage.” In other words, insourcing makes a company more powerful! How does insourcing happiness make you more powerful?

What is insourcing happiness?

I find it really interesting to see that business principles such as outsourcing and insourcing also apply to personal leadership. I describe insourcing of happiness as, “developing internally the happiness that until then was outsourced to other people and external situations.”

The purpose of this? You develop inner resources that enable you to experience happiness from within. Happiness that is not dependent on situations and people. This enables you to live effectively. And to optimally serve yourself, your environment and life.

Insourcing happiness as a source of strength

Why is insourcing happiness a source of strength? Because when you insource happiness, you choose to be responsible for your own happiness. You choose personal leadership. Even when the sea of life is turbulent and the waves are high. What applies to companies also applies to you: insourcing happiness makes you more powerful!


In my next blog, I will provide practical tips and inspiration on how to “insource” happiness. So that you are the source of your happiness. And I will also discuss what I mean by “happiness”. Because let’s be realistic. More and more profit, more and more money and stuff do not lead to happiness. You can see that with someone like ex-president Trump. He has so much money. And yet he whines for recognition like a little kid.