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4 reasons to book an adventure sailing trip in Greece in October

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Would you like to enjoy the sunshine a little longer? And recharge your batteries after a rainy summer before facing autumn? In October in Greece it is usually wonderful late summer weather with plenty of sunshine. So discover the beauty of the Ionian Sea and its islands. We give you 4 reasons to book an adventurous sailing trip in Greece in October.

Reason 1: Sailing and sea are healthy

The waves, the rustling of wind and sea: you automatically get out of your head and into your body. And for a week you forget your worries and obligations. Instead, you stare at the horizon and the silhouettes of the mountains in the distance. As a result, you come to yourself. Without any effort on your part. Participants of our trips tell us again and again that sailing on the Ionian Sea is enormously relaxing.

Reason 2: In October there is still plenty of sunshine in Greece

In October, the weather in Greece is usually lovely late summer. Because the worst of the heat is over. And the average temperature is 23-25 degrees Celsius. So ideal for sailing, walking, visiting terraces. Research has shown that sunlight is good for your blood circulation, reduces stress and improves your mood. In addition, you sleep better and your body makes extra vitamin D. This is good for your muscles, bones and energy levels. And some scientists even claim that vitamin D protects against corona.

Reason 3: The temperature of the seawater is wonderful

In October, the sea water is still lovely in temperature. So you can snorkel in the sea for a long time if you want. And admire the fish, reefs and rock formations. Because the water of the Ionian Sea is crystal clear and there is always a lot to see. I myself have recently discovered aqua jogging in the sea. This is a very relaxing way to work on your fitness and condition, while snorkeling. After half an hour of snorkeling or longer aqua jogging, you feel like you’ve been reborn. And it’s fun to do.

Reason 4: October is quieter in Greece

The high season is over. So most tourists have left Greece. Therefore, in October it is wonderfully quiet on the Ionian Sea. Often we are all alone in quiet uninhabited bays. That is a special experience. Because there is no person, car, house or flat in sight. This makes you feel more connected to the sea, the wind, the wooded hills in the distance and your team on board.

Booking an adventure sailing trip?

Are you treating yourself to an extra sun and sea boost in October before winter sets in? We hope you are inspired by these 4 reasons to book an adventurous sailing trip in Greece in October. In our group trip that starts on 2 October there are still 3 places available. Or book your own trip in October with friends or family.