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Meredith and Avi:

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Hi you two! It has been awe-inspiring to follow your travels west… I’m so happy you survived the Pacific crossing without much worse than a bad tooth!

I have been meaning to send you a review for so long, and I’m awfully sorry. But if you can use this now, please do.

“Our week spent on the Yemaya with these two unique people was one of the best of our lives. We think longingly of the quiet times and the conversations, of the swimming and the eating, of the wit and kindness of Deep and Mallika. We were also so lucky to travel with Hanne and Soren, who we didn’t know before the trip, but who helped make the whole experience even more interesting and special.

We wish so much we could “run away to sea” with these guys, and travel the world in the lovely Yemaya. Some day, maybe…”

Meredith and Avi

Sending all good wishes!