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Phang Nga bay: powerful beauty of Mother Earth

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Finally we can enter the mysterious cave with our dinghy. We waited for hours in excitement till the water was high enough. Yemaya is anchored next to one of the fascinating islands in Phang Nga bay. High, steep rock formations dotted with tropical green. The endless battle between water against limestone rock has created capricious structures and deep caves.

The islands, however, hold their biggest secret inside them and they are not keen on revealing this too easily. We have been looking for some time how to enter this inner secret and now we are about to discover it.

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Text Mallika and Images Deep.  Latest update: 27 December 2018.

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We enter the pitch dark cave and Deep ignites the headlight. Immediately the silence is broken by clapping wings and squeaking noises of the highly disturbed inhabitants. Bats don’t like to be awakened out of their sleep. About fifty of them are hanging on the ceiling, wriggling their wings and not amused at all. Deep moves the light quickly to the walls and we are fascinated by the beautiful rockformations in various colors. In some places the quartz minerals are shining back at us. Suddenly light is appearing at the end of the cave and, finally, the secret reveals itself: we enter the inside world.

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Inside we look up at the steep, high rocks and the blue sky above where the sea eagles are circling. The tropical sounds are dramatically reinforced by the acoustics of the walls. A true miracle of mother nature! In Thailand you can find these kind of islands on several locations. The Phang Nga bay, situated at the east coast of Phuket, is well known for it.

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Hongs are found in different shapes and forms. Some of them have a very small inner space with a little mud, while others have a real beach inside with mangrove trees and other vegetation with some room for a little hike. The one I will never forget is the hong where a whole colony of flying foxes was living. Hundreds of them were hanging in the trees, making a tremendous noise. All the time they were busy with eachother and moving around with their feet and the little claw on their wings incessantly talking with eachother. Not much different from the human race.

Not all hongs are so hard to reach as the first one we visited. Some of them are entered by narrow, open passages through high rocks. One of them could be entered by passing through a beautiful high cave. It was just as majestic as a cathedral.

One thing is certain: if you want to escape from busy life in Phuket town or Patong beach, it is more than worthwhile to visit this beautiful area to reconnect with nature!

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