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Flight information for Ionian Sea, Greece

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The trip with sailing catamaran Yemaya takes place on the Ionian sea. This sea is located on the west coast of Greece. There are direct cheap flights from Schiphol, Amsterdam (Transavia), New York (Easyjet), Hamburg (Condor) and other big cities to this area.

With us you book the flight and the spiritual sailing trip separately. We provide advice on flights and airlines. You can fly best on Preveza, Greece. The airport is called Aktion International Airport. We will pick you up from the airport.

The airport is named after the Aktion area. 31 years before Christ, the naval battle took place here between the fleet of Cleopatra and the fleet of the Romans. It was a family feud between the unrecognized son Caesarion of Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar and the adopted son of Julius Ceasar (Octavianus). The Romans won this battle. Emperor Augustus founded the city of Nicopolis in honor of this battle. This was a very prosperous big city, but only impressive ruins are left of it. You fly over the area of the naval battle just before you land.