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Celebrating the New Holiday: 4 reasons why combining mindfulness training with vacation is good for you

Het nieuwe vakantie vieren

Would you like to discover the New Holiday Celebration? A lot of people don’t come to rest during their holidays these days. While the holiday is meant for that very reason. Before your holiday you work very hard to get everything finished. Then you have to pack and race to your holiday destination where everything has to be unpacked again.

Then on holiday you want to see everything there is to see. You put yourself under such pressure that a new word has been found for it: ‘holiday stress’.

This can be done differently. By combining holidays with a mindfulness training. We call this the New Holiday Celebration without holiday stress. Why?

1 Really unwind with the New Holiday Celebration

Why do you really come to rest with the New Holiday Celebrating? The wise Gandhi always worked hard and never went on holiday. “How can you keep this up, you never take a vacation?” he was once asked. “I’m always on holiday” was his answer. How did he manage this? Vacation comes from the word ‘vacare’ and that means ‘to be empty’. Gandhi meant that his mind was empty and open to receive what came his way. That gave him rest. So he was always on vacation. Even when he was very busy.

We’ve lost this ability to empty ourselves. So we can’t rest during our holidays. With mindfulness exercises you will learn to discover this peace in yourself again during your holiday. And to take with you when you return to your home and work. This allows you to live and work more from rest and relaxation. That is the double effect of the New Holiday Celebrating.

2 Develop your adventurous traveller spirit with the New Holiday Celebration

During a holiday you discover new places. You get to places you don’t know. You get out of your comfort zone. This causes your brain to open up to a different way of looking and living. Through the mindfulness exercises you become more powerful. The adventurer in you comes to life. This allows you to look at your life in a relaxed way with a different view. This gives you inspiration that continues to work when you are back home after your holiday.

Alternative sailing and walking vacation. View of Catamaran Yemaya from the Blue caves in Greece (photo Lex Molenaar)
During a vacation you discover new places. (photo Lex Molenaar)

3 It increases your creativity

On vacation you’re in a new environment. With smells, sounds, tastes and views you don’t know. Your brain is neuroplastic: unfamiliar experiences lead to new neural connections. When you combine holidays with mindfulness you train your attention and your senses in a relaxed way. Thanks to the New Holiday Celebrating you hear, see and feel more. This allows you to enjoy your holiday more. Moreover, you take your heightened awareness home and to your work. This increases your creativity, your focus and your sense of satisfaction in life and work.

4 You learn to stay ‘on holiday’ at home

If you are lucky enough to find peace and quiet during your holiday, this effect is usually quickly gone when you return home. At work and at home it’s a mess; everything has been left lying around. You have to work three times as hard for weeks to catch up on the ‘backlog’ of your holiday. This way, your holiday doesn’t have the effect you had hoped for.

The mindfulness exercises you learn during your holiday will enable you to approach this differently now. You learn to deal with your thoughts, emotions and work pressure in a new way. This enables you to stay on holiday when you are back home. You will be given tools that will help you stay “vacant” (calm and quiet inside). Especially when it is busy and hectic. Thanks to the New Holiday Celebration you can enjoy a double holiday!

Train personal leadership and have a holiday at the same time:


Inspiratie reis op een zeiljacht. Het zeilen is zeer rustgevend en verruimend!

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in Greece: double holidays


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De golven zwiepen hoog achter ons op in een onvoorspelbaar patroon.

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