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Simple mindfulness exercise: The chocolate meditation

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This simple mindfulness exercise is a nice example that shows you how mindfulness can be fun. The secret to happiness is that you let go of your desires, because you can only be happy if you are happy NOW.

Our “advertising” society

Our society often shows us that we can be happy if we just work a little bit harder. Because if we do our best, we have more money and then we can buy more stuff. Buying something we want will make us happy. However, this happiness is always short-lived. After the first scratch appears on, for example, the new car, then the happiness we first felt disappears. The advertisements will make us dream of yet another new product that we absolutely need to buy.

I apologize if I speak in a confrontational way, but we are just like a donkey chasing the carrot. The person on the donkey holds the carrot with a fishing rod in front of the donkey and this keeps the donkey moving.

This donkey could benefit from a simple meditation exercise
This donkey could benefit from a simple meditation exercise

Living in the moment

As long as we place happiness in the future we will never be happy, because that happiness is in the future and not in the now! Living in the moment is the motto. How do you do this? It does not always seem obvious. See for example: These are the 9 signs that you are not completely ‘living in the now’. But once you are aware of it, it is actually not all that difficult anymore. Happiness is closer than we think. For example, read this article about self-knowledge. The point is to let go of the desires because we can only be happy if we can experience what is in the NOW. I would like to introduce you to the following simple mindfulness exercise.

Simple mindfulness exercise

Simple mindfulness exercise. After a while you slowly open your eyes and look at the chocolate. Look at the color, the shape and how the chocolate shines.
simple meditation exercise. After a while you slowly open your eyes and look at the chocolate. Look at the color, the shape and how the chocolate shines.

Sit back with your back straight and place a piece of your favorite chocolate in front of you. If you happen to be in Amsterdam then you can buy the best chocolate at pompadour (tip from the Amsterdam skipper). Close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel your whole body sitting there and feel your connection with Mother Earth. Feel how all the tensions and emotions of that day just flow away and that you become more and more relaxed.

As soon as you feel completely rooted and relaxed, carefully take your piece of chocolate with your eyes closed and start smelling. Smell its divine scent and be completely in this sensation. Become the smell … Feel what it does to you and enjoy it.

After a while you slowly open your eyes and have a gentle look at the chocolate. Look at the color, the shape and how the chocolate shines. Again you lose yourself completely in this looking and feel what this looking awakens in you ..

Then carefully touch the chocolate as if you were touching your loved one. Enjoy the softness of the surface of the chocolate.

After you have completely absorbed all the sensations of smelling, looking and touching your favorite piece of delicious chocolate, you’re ready to taste it! Close your eyes again and take a small bite. Explore the chocolate with your tongue; take your time to let the chocolate dissolve in your mouth. Mmmmmm .. this bittersweet, delicious taste …. ENJOY IT!

Living in the moment

Have you completely followed this simple meditation exercise? I’m curious how it was for you. Feel welcome to send us a comment. In my own experience there is no room for anything else than the chocolate in this exercise. Now I love chocolate. It may of course also be something else! The aim of this simple mindfulness exercise is to really let you enjoy yourself. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be difficult!

Go with the wind

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